UMMM…….I choose Neymar!!!@!

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I had to choose a famous person to spend a weekend with. Well……..I chose Neymar Da Silva. I choose him because he is my favorite soccer player. Also because he is young an has a big house. Neymar was a great choice. We had fun. We went out every night. We had 3 parties. And the best thing was that we got tons of girls.I mean girls every single night. They just kept comming I felt like i was a part of Jersey Shore.



We did a lot and had a lot  of fun. We did things as listed below:

Played Soccer

went out with girls

went to parties

went swimming in the pool

watched barcelona lose

went out with girls

The list goes on and on.


This was a great weekend. i felt like a new born baby.


The best soccer player to ever live. Wow. Thats a hard choice. But in my mind its between 4 people. Cristiano Ronaldo………………………Neymar Da Silva……….Pele……………………………Lionel Messi. I chose these people because everybody i know can agree with me and because they are all great in this beautiful sport.



I chose Ronaldo because he is very fast and explosive. Also because nobody can immitate the things he does. I chose Messi because he is great. He does everything how its supposed to be done. I chose Pele because if you search for him you will find that he is the top goal scorrer of all time. Finally i chose neymar because hes like me. He perfected everything in soccer at a very young age(19). Also because at this age he made the Brazilian National Team.



If I had to choos between these great in dividuals i would choose Neymar. Thats just my opinion look for them on youtube.I guarantee this will be a hard decsion.





(Neymar)                                              (Cristiano Ronaldo)




Try New Things

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When I was a kid I didnt know about Soccer. I only knew about basketball and football. So thats what i played. But…………One day we went outside for recess and i saw some kids playing and kicking a ball around. I asked them what they were playing and they said “What…..Soccer”. And they said ye. Then i asked if I could play an they let me. So i played and i sucked. But i kept going and i got a lot better.



I started to actually watch soccer on Tv and on a website (espn). While doing this i watched videos on youtube on how to do things. The more i did this the better i got. Now im one of the best if not the best soccer player in my school. If I can say so myself im a very good player.


Soccer changed my life. it change the way i did everything. I was an entire new person. It even changed my future. Now…..I want to be a pro soccer player. Also i want to play like Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar. And i want to play for Real Madrid(my favorite team). So don’t be scared to try new things. Because you never know what can happen




(Neymar)                                              (Cristiano Ronaldo)

What I Want Out Of Life

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To me my life is really important. There are three things that I want to achieve out of it. The first thing is to have a good education. I want this because my entire life depends on it. I need it for a lot of reasons. The main reason is, if my dream job doesn’t work out then I have a good education and hopefully a high school and college degree so I can get jobs at other places, doing other things, such as being a teacher at a school, being an I.T worker for the government, being a herbal scientist, even being a lawyer.


The second thing I want out of live is to have a responsible and supportive family. This is important because people look at somebody’s kids and base their behavior on their parents. If I had bad kids that would be embarrassing. It would be embarrassing because like I said I would look like a bad parent. When I say supportive I mean to have a woman who respects me and supports me and my dreams so that I can do the same for her.


The third and final thing is to get a good job. I want a good job that pays good money and that is acceptable; Pro Soccer Player. The job has to be acceptable and entertaining because if it isn’t I won’t have a career. A soccer player, because I would enjoy it and get paid a lot of money. But the education comes in because if soccer doesn’t work out, I have an education I can fall back on


With that being stated I will make shore that all of these things become reality.







In my life I’ve made a lot of mistakes. But the one that I’ve learned from the most is to be careful when riding my dirt bike. I’ve learned from this the most because I couldn’t ride my dirt bike for a year and my dad had to pay to fix his car. This was a very disturbing moment.



If you don’t know what my accident was im going to tell you. Usually when I ride my dirt bike I drive it and let my dad take it up a hill and back to his house. But I wanted to do it so I asked him and he let me. So I tried but when I did it I went to fast and panicked. I went and and over and drove into a parking lot and into my dad’s car. After that I was laid out on the ground beside my dad’s car with a big dent on the side.



My dad freaked out. He started yelling really loud. And I swear I saw his face turn red. He grabbed my dirt bike and pushed it away. He got on his knees beside his car and started to get even angrier. In order to SURVIVE I ran in my house and went in my room and locked the door until my dad cooled down.  This was the scariest moment of my life.  But I learned from it. I learned to stay in my place and be careful.

This was a frightening experience!